412845 150 – Digital caliper IP67 with Data Output including a set of accessories 150 mm

Digital caliper IP67 with data output including a set of accessories 150 mm

  • Easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD display with 11.5 mm character height.
  • Very long battery running time due to modern energy-efficient measurement system.
  • Ergonomic housing with easy-grip Santoprene® components.


IP67: Es besteht Schutz gegen zeitweises Eintauchen in Wasser und Schutz gegen Eindringen von Staub (staubdicht), sowie vollständiger Berührungsschutz.
1× IP67 digital caliper with data output No. 412690 size 150.
1 battery No. 081560 size CR2032.
2 pairs of contact point carriers short and long.
3 pairs of measuring tips with measuring discs ⌀ 6 mm, ⌀ 10 mm, ⌀ 12.5 mm.
2 pairs of measuring tips with anvil cones ⌀ 9 mm, 60° and ⌀ 12 mm, 60°.
1 pair of measuring tips with measuring cylinders ⌀ 1.5×9 mm.
1× spring system for constant gauging force.
1× hexagon key L-wrench.
1× depth extension base 75 mm.
Supplied in a sturdy plastic box.
Standard DIN 862
Measuring range 0 mm – 150 mm
Scale divisions 0.01 mm
Scale divisions 0.0005 inch
Reversible reading mm / inch
Error limit 0.03 mm
Depth gauge available Yes
Depth gauge Flat
Interface RS232C interface; USB interface
Jaw length 40mm
Digit height LCD display 11.5 mm
Measurement technology Digital
Material Stainless steel, INOX
all parts Hardened
Packaging Sturdy box
Calibration A1
Number of batteries contained 1
Article no of the battery / rechargeable battery fitted 081560 CR2032
Type of product Vernier caliper standard

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