C2200 – Automatic Tray Cleaner

(C2200) Automatic Tray Cleaner

  • Automatic Tray/Magazine loading, Stand alone cleaner
  • The Cleaner removes the contaminants on PCB and tray.
  • All processes are automated through the cassette loading-unloading system.



M/C Type Magazine / Cassette / Tray stack loading / Automatic cleaning
Cleaning Target Tray/substrate cleaning (DSLR/ISM/Glass etc)
CO2 Jet Cleaner SM201 / S201 / SS201 (Selectable)
Cleaning Mode XY Scanning
Cleaning Area Max. 450 X 350mm
Dimension 1800L x 3000W x 18H mm
Utilities 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase, 20A
CDA : 5~8kg/cm²
Options Suction Unit / ULPA filter