CTS Thermal Control Unit – CTS0303C, CTS0303D

Thermal Control Unit (TCU) – CTS0303C, CTS0303D

The Test Thermal Control System, designed for optimal temperature forcing, offers superior power handling and precision control. Its unique blend of proven methodologies and advanced heat transfer technology is expertly customizable for various IC requirements.

What is included for CTS0303C:

  • Chiller module – 1 unit
  • Thermal head (TECs included) – 1 unit.
  • Thermal controllers (come with PSU& Chassis) – 1 unit.

Testing target: For Characterization Board

What is included for CTS0303D:

  • Chiller module – 1 unit
  • Thermal head (TECs included + 6 screws design) – 2 unit.
  • Thermal controllers (come with PSU& Chassis) – 2 unit.

Testing target: For Development Vehicle Board




  • Completely self-contained liquid free operation
  • All package types
  • Adapts to most sockets and boards
  • Very quiet operation
  • Small footprint
  • Portable and rack mountable
  • Worldwide power
  • Residue free contract with DUT
  • ECO Friendly lowest power consumption thermal forcing system


  • Temperature Forcing
  • Thermal Stream Replacement
  • High Reliability Testing
  • ATE, STL and Bench
  • OEM Integration
Datasheet of CTS0303

Chiller Module

The chiller is a precision water cooling device for semiconductor industries, providing maximum controllable power of 2,000W (air-cooled) and 7,000W (water-cooled). With ±0.1°C temperature control, a user-friendly interface, and safety sensors, it’s suitable for labs and mass production, featuring a liquid filter for debris removal.


CTS0303C CTS0303D
Chiller Module CTS0303 chiller module

1 Unit

CTS0303 Chiller module

1 Unit

Thermal Head

The customizable plunger, featuring single, double, or four-head semi-automatic testing designs, is pneumatic-powered for increased down force. Ideal for engineering testing, it supports larger ICs than manual lids.

CTS0303C CTS0303D
Thermal Head – Included TECs CTS0303C thermal head

1 Unit

(Semi Automated Features)

CTS0303D thermal head

2 Units

(6 Screw Design)

Thermal Controller


CTS0303C CTS0303D
Thermal Controllers

– C/w PSU & Chassis

Power Controller and I/O controller for CTS0303C

1 Unit

Power Controller for CTS0303D

1 Unit

Testing Targets


CTS0303C CTS0303D
Testing Targets For Characterization Board For Development Vehicle Board

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