Industrial Modular Chassis (IMC)

Industrial Modular Chassis (IMC)

Contacthings is an innovative manufacturer of industrial cleanroom furniture. Our products are 100% made in Malaysia and ISO9001 certified with:

  • Modular Structure & Flexible
  • Cleanroom & ESD Compliance
  • Tailor-Made For Multi-Function & Ergonomic Design
  • Direct Factory Price
Industrial Modular Chassis (IMC) is our patented pending design to hold PCB board for rework, probing, test validation and other purposes.
Space Saving, Compact & Tidy Cables and accessories are organized in an orderly manner with the help of chassis to elevate the test boards (DUT).
Cleanroom & ESD Compliance Made of Class 1K cleanroom approved material i.e. aluminium or stainless steel. ESD compliance chassis dissipates static charges instantly to protect eletronic device and system from damages caused by static discharges.
Heavy Load Support (Up To 50kg) Assuring your validation test system and assets are placed on a stable platform.
Adjustable & Flexible To support various dimensions & orientation through different features.


Compact & Customizable
ESD Compliance
Heavy Load Support
Adjustable Fixtures