Laser Docking System For Trucks And Trailers



Laser Docking System For Trucks And Trailers
Laserglow offers a variety of line lasers to define exterior and interior trucking lanes to assist drivers in laser-precision docking.

The Dockline System is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant for dawn, dusk and nighttime operations when visibility of painted lines low. These lasers provide the driver with clear, visible indicators to assist in dock approach - thereby reducing docking time, cargo damage, and possible injury to dock handlers.

Key Features:
● Projects highly visible red or green lines for enhanced visibility during dawn, dusk and nighttime operations
● Eye Safe – IEC class 3R
● Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor
● Projection Type: Line
● Weather Resistant: IP67
● Possible Projection Configurations:
- Manual Activation by operator
- Activation via motion sensors
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