Model 3830E – CoreStat® Overhead Ionizing Blower

Model 3830E – CoreStat® Overhead Ionizing Blower

  • CoreStat® Self-balanced Technology
  • Steady-State DC Ion Emission
  • No Calibration Required
  • Class 0 & Versatile Applications
  • Audio & LED Alarm for HVP/Balance
  • IR Remote Controller
  • Integral LED Lights Equppied (optional)
  • Auto-Stop & Auto-Cleaning Brush
  • Facility Monitoring System (FMS) Interface


Core Insight’s innovative design CoreStat® Model 3830E Overhead Ionizing Blower provides wide area ionization coverage. CoreStat® Model 3830E is designed to be very reliable for long-term operation without cleaning or calibration for semiconductor, flat panel display, and general electronic assembly applications.

Model 3830E Overhead Ionizing Blower can discharge less than 1 second at 450mm distance. Model 3830E ionizer maintains intrinsic balance less than ±5V for ESDS items. Built-in auto-cleaning brush operates when the fan filter grille is open or power on/off. Audio and visual alarms operate when ion balance exceeded limit and power supply failure. Light weight and slim design allow more convenient installation when space is limited.

Input Voltage 100 -240 VAC, 1A Max.
Ion Emission Steady-state DC Technology
Balance <±5 V
Discharge Time ±1000 V to ±100 V less than 3 sec (45cm)


Air Flow 100 – 140 CFM
Emitter Points Tungsten 99.99%
Alarm Visual & Audio alarm operate for power failure and out of balance
Monitoring FMS monitoring interface
Material Enclosure, Filter Cover and Bracket: ABS plastic
Dimensions (mm) 118H x 180D x 1000L
Weight 3.9kg
Warranty 2 year limited warranty
Model Features
Model 3830E Built-in Auto-Cleaning Brush
Model 3830 Without Auto-Cleaning Brush
Model 3830L Built-in LED Lights
Model 3830EL Built-in LED Lights and Auto-Cleaning Brush

Warranty : 2 year limited warranty