Model 4120 – High Frequency AC Nozzle Ionizer

Model 4120 – High Frequency AC Nozzle Ionizer

  • High Frequency AC Ion Emission
  • Compact Size
  • Audio & Visual LED Alarms
  • Emitter Point Easy Clean and Replace
  • Facility Monitoring System (FMS) Interface
  • IR Operating Air Controller (Model 4111)


Electrostatic force is a typical source of micro particle contamination in printed circuit board handling and general electronics industry. It is very hard to remove particle once they attracted on the charged surface of materials. Charge neutralization is important for remove particles from the surface.

High frequency AC technology based, Model 4120 nozzle ionizer is designed small package for space limited in automated process and general cleaning applications. Strong ionized air force is effective for removing particles attracted objects. Model 4120 nozzle ionizer does not required calibration, but just cleaning emitter points in regular based due to high frequency AC power designed. IR sensor operates compressed air or CDA on/off. Visual (LED) and audible (buzzer) alarms operates when high voltage power supply fail.

Input Voltage 24 VDC, 4.1 W Max.
Ion Emission High Frequency AC (70 kHz)
Balance Average ≤±10 V, Max ≤±30 V
Discharge Time ±1000 V to ±100 V less than 1 sec (15cm)


Emitter Points Tungsten 99.99%
Alarm Visual & Audio alarm operate for power failures
Monitoring FMS monitoring interface
Air Pressure 0.1 – 0.5 Mpa
Air Inlet 6mm Inlet
Detection Method Diffuse reflection
Detection Distance ≤ 1m
Response Time ≤ 1ms
Initial activation time is less than 500ms, Normal operation time is less than 1ms for recovery.
IR Sensor Light On / Dark On (2 step operation)
Ambienet Illumination Sunlight : ≤ 11,000 Lux,
Incandescent Lamp : ≤ 3,000 Lux (Receiving surface illumination)
  • Enclosure: ABS Plastic
  • Nozzle: Teflon
  • Bracket: SUS
Dimensions (mm)
  • 134W x 62H x 40D (with bracket)
Weight 170g (with bracket)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

Warranty : 1 year limited warranty