P302 – Pellet CO2 Jet Cleaner

(P302) Pellet CO2 Jet Cleaner

  • Compact & Mobile CO2 cleaning system for harsh cleaning
  • Put the dry ice pellet into the hopper and do the cleaning with high pressure air.
  • Due to strong cleaning force, it can be used for cleaning of various molds, statues and equipment maintenance.
  • Applications:



Model  P301 P302
Application Hard & Heavy Duty Cleaning, Particle / Resin / Residue Removal
 De-oil , De-burring & De-smearing, Mold & equipment maintenance
Type Manual operation
Dry Ice Hopper Capacity 20 Kg 30 Kg
Pellet Consumption 30 ~ 100Kg / hr. (Digital display Adjustable)
Air Supply Pressure Min. 5 ~ Max. 10 Kg/ cm2(Min. 72 ~ Max. 232 psi)
(Optional : Min 10 ~ 20Kg/ cm2)
Blasting Pressure Min. 2 ~ Max. 10 Kg/ cm2  (Min. 29 ~ Max. 232 psi)
(Optional : Min 2 ~ 20Kg/ cm2)
Consumption 1~5 m2 / min. (depending on nozzle combination)
Condition The compressed air must be kept clean & dry
Hose Blasting Hose 3/4”, Single Hose System
Air Hose 3/4” High pressure wire  type
Module Size (mm) Approx. 345L x 620W x 750Hmm Approx. 480L x 735W x 765Hmm
Weight (Kg) Approx. 85Kg Approx. 105Kg
Electricity 220VAC, Single Phase, 60Hz, 15A
Noise Noise level 60 ~ 120dB(A)
Noise Factor blasting pressure, nozzle combination, material surface


Train Rust Removal

Statue Cleaning

Mold Cleaning

Chemical Facilities Cleaning