Smart Proximity Detection System



Smart Proximity Detection System
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are approximately 100 fatalities and 90,000 serious injuries each year in the United States as a result of forklift accidents. Almost 80% of these accidents involve a pedestrian.

These accidents cause substantial property damage, disrupt business operations, and result in worker compensation claims, costing companies millions of dollars in losses. Specifically, average cost to a company for a forklift accident is $184,000 in medical expenses, lost productivity, legal liability fees, and OSHA compliance costs.

At Laserglow, we strive to provide technology-driven solutions to enhance overall safety and wellbeing through hazard awareness solutions. With a mission to reduce accidents in the workplace that result from heavy machinery and workers working in close proximity to each other, we are pleased to offer our latest solutions – the Smart Proximity Detection System (SPDS).


UWB proximity detection system
SPDS uses cutting-edge Ultra Wide Band (UWB) RF wireless technology to precisely measure the distance between vehicles and pedestrians or two vehicles to provide a highly reliable collision warning solution. Active UWB tags warn pedestrians with audible and/or vibration alarms. Vehicle-mounted devices monitor "Danger" and "Hazard" zones around moving vehicles. And a fixed-site version of the system monitors accident-prone areas, such as high-traffic aisles, intersections, blind spots etc.

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