Industrial Modular Storage (IMS)

Industrial Modular Storage (IMS)

Contacthings is an innovative manufacturer of industrial cleanroom furniture. Our products are 100% made in Malaysia and ISO9001 certified with:

  • Modular Structure & Flexible
  • Cleanroom & ESD Compliance
  • Tailor-Made For Multi-Function & Ergonomic Design
  • Direct Factory Price
Industrial Modular Storage (IMS) is designed for high density storage solution that come with high security and smart function.
Cleanroom & ESD Compliance Made of Class 1K cleanroom approved material i.e. aluminium or stainless steel. ESD compliance storage dissipates static charges instantly to protect electronic device and system from damages caused by static discharges.
Secured & Traceability Able to track and trace for each access.
Small Footprint but High Density Storage It reduces your storage footprint by as much as 50%.


ESD Compliance
Heavy Load Support
Security Secured