Universal Laptop Docking Stations   StarTech.com Universal Docking Stations offer broad compatibility for diverse workstations. Engineered for IT pros, the laptop docks simplify management, enhance security, and ensure universal compatibility.

USB-C Multiport Adapters  enhance productivity, providing versatile solutions for single or multi-monitor setups, USB peripherals, wired Gigabit Ethernet, USB power delivery, and expanded storage with SD and Micro SD options.

USB Hubs  StarTech.com USB Hubs are plug-and-play for easy installation, expanding USB connectivity for desktops, laptops, and other devices. The Industrial USB Hubs are designed for high-traffic environments, serving various applications like industrial equipment, POS peripherals, offices, remote workstations, server rooms, and boardrooms.

Cables Our certified cables cover a wide range, ensuring stable connections for peripherals and devices. Whether you need the latest USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 or legacy standards like parallel and serial, we have solutions for networking, data, power, USB, audio-visual, and internal computer cables like SATA and IDE.

Audio-Video Products We offer a wide variety of solutions to assist you with your content delivery and collaboration demands.

KVM Switches We offer a wide selection of high-quality KVM Switches and KVM-related products.

Networking Commercial and industrial applications have their own challenges, especially supporting less common ports such as DB9 and providing connectivity over longer distances.